Finely Crafted by Hand

A Closer Look

All my pieces begin with my love of pattern, detail and structure. I start by sketching but then always create models in paper and wire. These three-dimensional drawings are essential to perfecting each design by seeing how the shapes move together and complement each other.

Fabricating each piece by hand in the studio starts with the silver, gold, and gems. l alloy the gold myself, creating a rich yellow, green or rose. Wire is pulled by hand through draw plates to create the distinctive square shape I use. There is no waste because I recycle my metals by making my own wire and sheet metal in gold and silver.

Building my signature three-dimensional links takes many steps. The wire is shaped into graceful curves with hammers and each shape is measured, cut and soldered together with a torch to create individual links. For the different patterns each finished shape is opened with a saw, recombined then closed with the torch flame again in what is often a very tight space. There can be 300 or more soldered connections in one of my statement necklaces. Finally, I create a seamless finish and polish by smoothing the surfaces with small files and sanding tools.

I love all parts of the creative process, the research, sketching, model making and fabrication. When I am in my studio drawing, experimenting and making, my ideas flow freely, my thoughts and my work flow together. I feel thankful every day I am able to do what I love and share it with others.