This Gorgeous Emerald Will Spark Memories Every Time

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Aventure and Jewels - Mom's Treasure From India

My Mother loves adventure. I love that she spontaneously took this trip to India on her own with a small group of people she barely knew. She is over 70 and still excited about each new possibility. The treasure she brought home is this gorgeous 3ct Emerald cabochon gem. I am so excited to transform her emerald into an heirloom she can wear and be reminded of her special trip. Follow the journey of my mother's emerald from gem to treasured jewel here on my blog.

The big reveal will be on Mother's Day May 14th of course!

 My first round of sketches for the ring show on the left one design with the gem oriented in two different ways and a side view to show more detail of the setting. The idea on the right is similar though paired down with the prongs oriented like an X as you can see from the detail I've drawn of the underside of the setting. The top right shows the prongs folded up to capture the gem.

If you were to choose, which one is your favorite design?

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March Rare Jewel Cat's Eye Aquamarine

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Gina Pankowski Jewelry March News

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Gina Pankowski Jewelry 26 Years!

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Fresh Color for Gemstone Jewelry

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Happy New Year! Something about this season is always so exciting for me. I love the idea of a fresh start. The energy I've put into planning for 2017 feels so good! In the studio are lots of drawings for new jewelry designs that include gemstones. Even Pantone's Color of the Year "Greenery" seems to be focused on a fresh beginning. The shade is found in newly emerging foliage and one of my favorite gemstones, Peridot!

About Peridot, did you know that over 80% of the crystals mined for jewelry come from Arizona? This beautiful gem is mined in an area called Peridot Mesa on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Also known as Olivine, Peridot comes in shades of brown, deep olive and the bright grassy green that is my favorite hue. This is truly an American original gem. Another source for Peridot is outer space, found in large meteors. This variety is rare and large sizes even more rase as the material is often damaged with lots of cracks from impact. The celestial variety is called Pallaside Peridot. Both types of the gem will be making it into new jewelry designs in my collection soon!

Lapis Lazuli Arizona Peridot and Pallaside Celestial Peridot Gems form Gina's collection

In the natural daylight of my studio I took this snap shot of Arizona Peridot and Pallaside Peridot paired with some beautiful Lapis. From the deep flawless natural blue pear shapes to the round cabochon with sparkling pyrite inclusions, these colors look stunning together! The six 3mm faceted trillion cuts at the top o f the image are the Pallaside of meteor origin. Their color is a slightly more golden hue the the Arizona gems.

  Gold Silver Peridot stacking rings by Gina Pankowski

This group of geometric and architectural stacking rings includes Peridot set in 14k gold and silver from my Metropolis Collection.

More information about Arizona Peridot can be found with this link:

Jewelry Creates Lasting Memories

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I want to help you with a gift of joyful surprise and ear to ear smiles!

This year you can't go wrong with hoop earrings. My collection includes designs in Silver, Gold, and these metals in combination. You can choose shiny and bright or my personal favorites in Black Silver and Gold. I even have a pair of hoops for the pearl lover!

Ibex hoop earrings silver gold black white black pearls

While the pressure is on to find the perfect gift - you can relax here because your gift of Gina Pankowski Jewelry can be exchanged for another item or online store credit through January 31st, 2017.

Kinetic hoop earrings 22k gold sterling silver white black gold

The final date for custom and made to order jewelry delivered free by Christmas Eve is December 10, 2016

 You have found something truly unique for your gift this year!

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Winter Jewelry Style - Add Ice

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Jewelry is not the first place you think of finding ice. The first winter snow is falling in the Cascades and this image of icy snow I took in the mountains reminds me of how beautiful the frozen landscape is. 
The angles and sparkle reflected from these Metropolis Pyramid earrings made of sterling silver and rock crystal will add ice to your winter style.
Metropolis Pyramid Earrings in sterling silver and rock crystal 
Frozone would certainly like a pair of these for his girl!
Who can resist a taste of fresh snow! Winter is here!

Moonstone Jewels Inner Glow, Love and Lore

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“i want to be 
in love with you

the same way
i am in 
love with the moon

with the light
out of its soul.” 
 Sanober Khan
I have long been intrigued with Moonstone. The way light seems to glow from within the gem is amazing. That inner glow is a result of the mineral combination of albite and orthoclase which, as it cools the minerals separate into alternating layers. When light hits these layers it is dispersed in all directions creating a glow.
The moonstone has been used in jewelry by many cultures and is held in high esteem. Believed by some to hold the moon itself and the power to foretell the future as well as a positive influence on your love life. Moonstone is the birthstone for June.
The moonstone in this 18k gold ring will show a flash of blue as you move it. I have paired it with an Owyhee blue opal from eastern Oregon. 
“The Journey of the sun and moon is predictable, but yours is your ultimate art.”
-Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun:  The Writings of Suzy Kassem

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