Gold or Silver, Jewelry for Party Season!

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What's your favorite tinsel color? Candle light gold or icy silver? I love dressing and decorating for the holidays!

Now that November has arrived we are officially into party and gifting season! Time to order now for holiday delivery. All made to order designs will ship in time for the holiday when your order is received by December 1st.

Double Diamond link bracelet 18k gold darkened sterling silver gift boxed for you!

Pictured here is my Double Diamond link bracelet in 18k gold and darkened sterling silver ready for an overseas trip to the UK! I love that I can reach my customers virtually anywhere.

For immediate gratification (two for them and one for me is ok in my book!) there are many stylish treasures ready to ship here on my website! I can help you add some gorgeous to your party outfit!

When you buy a gift from my online store you will be able to exchange it through January 31st 2018! Now that's worry free giving!

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Potential Energy to Wear

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What fuels my designer energy and passion? My curiosity, fascination with movement and a bit of geekiness.
Pictured left to right, Metropolis Chevron Ring in sterling silver and white opalised wood from Australia, Slip Fault ring in blackened sterling silver, Slip Fault ring with blue Hawks Eye gem, another Slip Fault ring in blackened silver, Metropolis Bolt ring in blackened sterling silver with blue Hawks Eye gem and Slip Fault ring in sterling silver.
I've always been curious, willing to pause and look closer, maybe dissect and certainly ready to turn over the next rock.
My aesthetic obsession with movement blossomed in college. I liked to hang out with my buddy (now husband) in the wind tunnel. He was testing the aerodynamics of a new design. The streams of smoke flowing over the model were so beautiful, the slipstream. For his birthday I gave him a copy of The Album of Fluid Motion by Milton Van Dyke,
still on my studio book shelf.
When I am interested in a subject or idea I embrace it from all angles. That's were my geekiness comes to play. I've always preferred non-fiction, amassing a library of books on the subjects I love. Now I "Pin" like a maniac too, collecting inspiration, information. 
My first love will always be making, transforming my ideas into a physical thing of interest and beauty with a surprise, movement, to draw you in, spark your imagination and make you want to play.
Swell Bracelet, designed and created by Gina Pankowski. As you role the graduated links over your hand and onto your wrist the gold line flows through the bracelet. A version of this bracelet is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. 

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Rewind - JCK Wow!

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I'm back in the studio, feeling totally inspired and energized by the wonderful array of Designers and Retailers I met during JCK Las Vegas 2014. I have given myself space to accept the fact that it was way too ambitious of me to attempt a countdown daily blog post before the show! I’m a jeweler not a writer! Here are some snaps of the highlights.

My amazing husband David ready to welcome our customers!

Rave reviews for my new bracelet designs.

Architectural Ring Stacks were a hit.

The entry way to the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant Twist at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. An forgettable dining experience. The most memorable combinations of flavor like Biscuit Succes a Praline Cake, Dried Grapefruit Leaf, Black Sesame Ice Cream, just one dessert!

Viva Las Vegas!

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Dark Patina a Dramatic Graphic Contrast

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     I often refer to my designs as “three dimensional drawings”. My process begins with the sketch of hard lines and pattern then I create the idea in wire models to refine curves and movement. The image of the drawing is always with me, an architectural plan, a graphic. I love the contrast of a dark line on paper. To express this in my jewelry I color my silver with a dark patina.
    Sterling Silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. If you own Sterling Silver Jewelry or table ware you know that over time it tarnishes or oxidizes, the copper is the culprit. To achieve the graphite dark patina I like I artificially speed up oxidation by exposing the jewelry to the common chemical potassium sulfide, used in garden fertilizer to skin care treatments. Jewelers use it to create an “antique” finish. Mix a small amount in warm water then immerse the silver jewelry for a few minutes, rinse in cold water for a matte black finish like the Architectonic Bracelet pictured.


    I love to push contrasts in my designs. Using 22k gold and sterling silver together with the more highly polished dark patina pictured here on my earrings is one of my favorite combinations. For this finish the same potassium sulfide water bath is used then the jewelry is tumble polished with stainless steel shot. The steel planishes the metal like hundreds of tiny hammers. I love the hard shine and reflection with the high carat gold.

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