Gold or Silver, Jewelry for Party Season!

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What's your favorite tinsel color? Candle light gold or icy silver? I love dressing and decorating for the holidays!

Now that November has arrived we are officially into party and gifting season! Time to order now for holiday delivery. All made to order designs will ship in time for the holiday when your order is received by December 1st.

Double Diamond link bracelet 18k gold darkened sterling silver gift boxed for you!

Pictured here is my Double Diamond link bracelet in 18k gold and darkened sterling silver ready for an overseas trip to the UK! I love that I can reach my customers virtually anywhere.

For immediate gratification (two for them and one for me is ok in my book!) there are many stylish treasures ready to ship here on my website! I can help you add some gorgeous to your party outfit!

When you buy a gift from my online store you will be able to exchange it through January 31st 2018! Now that's worry free giving!

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Potential Energy to Wear

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What fuels my designer energy and passion? My curiosity, fascination with movement and a bit of geekiness.
Pictured left to right, Metropolis Chevron Ring in sterling silver and white opalised wood from Australia, Slip Fault ring in blackened sterling silver, Slip Fault ring with blue Hawks Eye gem, another Slip Fault ring in blackened silver, Metropolis Bolt ring in blackened sterling silver with blue Hawks Eye gem and Slip Fault ring in sterling silver.
I've always been curious, willing to pause and look closer, maybe dissect and certainly ready to turn over the next rock.
My aesthetic obsession with movement blossomed in college. I liked to hang out with my buddy (now husband) in the wind tunnel. He was testing the aerodynamics of a new design. The streams of smoke flowing over the model were so beautiful, the slipstream. For his birthday I gave him a copy of The Album of Fluid Motion by Milton Van Dyke,
still on my studio book shelf.
When I am interested in a subject or idea I embrace it from all angles. That's were my geekiness comes to play. I've always preferred non-fiction, amassing a library of books on the subjects I love. Now I "Pin" like a maniac too, collecting inspiration, information. 
My first love will always be making, transforming my ideas into a physical thing of interest and beauty with a surprise, movement, to draw you in, spark your imagination and make you want to play.
Swell Bracelet, designed and created by Gina Pankowski. As you role the graduated links over your hand and onto your wrist the gold line flows through the bracelet. A version of this bracelet is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. 

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Trunk Show! Friday March 4th

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I am presenting a new collection this Friday!
March 4th from 6-9pm at Fremont Jewelry Design
3510 Fremont Place North, Seattle 
New Pendants and Rings combining my geometric and minimal aesthetic with a beautiful array of  ethically sourced gems that include my current obsession with Moonstone, Agate and Opals.
This pendant I call "Moon Over Maury Mountain" the source of the beautiful gray, blue, and white translucent agate with Owyhee Blue Opal, both from Central Oregon. 
The translucent agate here captures a stunning world! You may see snow on a misty mountain morning or cresting waves of the ocean on a moonlit night.  
Two Moons Ring hand made from recycled 18k gold
These new pieces are entirely hand made by me in my Seattle studio from recycled precious metals. I have been taking pleasure in collecting gems and minerals and interpreting my surroundings all my life. This new collection is a celebration of the beauty and phenomenal stuff our world is made of!

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My Studio in January

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The light and colors of Seattle are primarily dim and soggy grey in January. What I love about this time is that it gives me a chance to relax post-holiday and hunker down to plan my creative output for the year.

 I’ve been studying, sketching and collecting. Diving into stacks of books on gems and gemology. Learning about everything from the lore of healing properties of many gems to details of identifying the different gem mineral groups and their physical qualities like hardness and what makes them unique is so much fun. Particularly fascinating to me are crystal irregularities like the silk inclusions in sapphires that create a star effect. You can see an example in the rare yellow star sapphire at the bottom of the necklace in progress photo.

Color and patterns found in agates of all kinds are flooding my imagination. As you can tell in my designs I am obsessed with line and pattern! The addition of plains of color in the kinetic rings and sculptural chain designs in my collection is on the drawing board and in process.

My studio is busy with experimentation at the lapidary, slicing thin windows of agate. My outlook is bright for 2016!

Thank you for reading! Leave me a note and tell me what you like about seeing my process!

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February Links of Love

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I like to eat chocolate, give gifts, buy jewelry and flowers all the time. 
Seattle is a great place for chocolate. We are the home of some world renowned chocolate makers like Theo's and Fran's. If I want to really indulge I go to the Chocolate Box. Located downtown Seattle between 1st and 2nd Ave. on Pine. This treasure trove carries dozens of artisinal chocolate brands like Chocolat Vitale and Pink Peony of Bainbridge Island. At Chocolate Box you will also find Organic and Fair Trade, if you just can't get enough they teach Truffle Making Classes!  
Now for the gift of jewelry, always memorable and always appreciated!
The Double Diamond Link Bracelet  by Gina Pankowski in Sterling Silver with Garnet Heart (.70 ct) and gun metal patina.
Finally the flowers, for me are best in the garden where they bloom and bloom again! This long stemmed red rose was grown from a bouquet my sweet gave to me many years ago. Yep I lopped off the buds from half of the bunch and planted the stems. It was February and by late summer that year I had three healthy plants of long stem red roses!   A couple garden moves later I still have two of the shrubs and many flowers to pick all summer. In case you are wondering,  my love still gives me bouquets occasionally!


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My Secret Shop Weapons

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