January Jones wearing Gina Pankowski's Lattis Burst Necklace



Moen Statement Piece Campaign

"This global campaign for Moen is based on the simple idea that just as a statement piece necklace can transform your look, a faucet can transform …"
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From JA New York
"Gina Pankowski’s 18-karat green and rose gold “Lysithea” ring features green cat’s eye tourmaline and alexandrite...."

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"Pankowski doesn’t think outside the box…Her mind is three steps out the door of the room with the box..."

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"Jewelry created by Gina Pankowski demonstrates her love of unconventional structure and pattern and her use of contrasting metals. Each design comes to life with movement."
Secret Life of Jewelry »
"We love, Verve Ring #2, 18k green gold, sapphire, orange moon stone and diamonds"
Frosting Magazine »
Tighra #3, bracelet, 18k gold; cast hand fabricated
21st Century Jewelry - The Best of the 500 Series »
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Lattis Burst Necklace worn by actress January Jones
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Modern Jewelry In Motion By Gina Pankowski
"My inspiration comes from many places. I love to look. I think many artist see things differently than the average person. We really look at the world. I find inspiration in observing patterns and structures from microscopic views of cell structures to the macro view of sunflowers and an airplane wing. In my travels I have collected images of patterns and places that inspire me from Mexico to Paris and the tropical islands of the Seychelles."
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Vertebrae Bracelet acquired as part of permanent collection
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"Best of Gold" Jewelry Contest finalist with Verve Necklace
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Gina Pankowski's collection in WGC's 2009 catalogue and look book
World Gold Council »
Tighra, earrings, sterling silver, 14k gold, patina
500 Earrings - New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry. Lark Books, 2007 »
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Vertebrae, necklace, sterling silver, cast, hand fabricated
500 Necklaces - Contemporary Interpretations of a Timeless Form. Lark Books, 2006 »
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Verve, 18k gold, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, cast, fabricated
1000 Rings - Inspiring Adornments for the Hand. Lark Books, 2004 »
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"Even her pieces with complex arrays of working parts have a haunting purity. They communicate a sense of meticulous study through clarity of line and precision of form."
Metalsmith Magazine - Vol.22, N.5 - Fall 2002 »