Earth Ocean Air Earrings in Sterling Silver, 22K Gold, Hematites and Rutile Quartz

These triple drop earrings combine metal and gems in an unusual way. The bottom is a concave sphere of bimetal, which has a layer of 22k gold atop sterling silver. The concave surface inside reflects the crosshairs of the curved cage that completes the sphere. The top section is a faceted dome of a pyrite cabochon. In between is a cabochon of rutilated quartz, which is clear quartz with needles of rutile inside: rutile is an ore of titanium with a beautiful golden color. Rutilated quartz is sometimes called Hair or Venus hair stone, or fleches d’Amour, or Cupid’s arrows. I’m inspired by its unique one-of-a-kind pattern. I selected these two to suggest the union of gem and metal in these earrings and to echo the pattern of the spheres on the bottom of the earrings.

Materials: Sterling Silver, 22k gold, Rutile Quartz, Pyrite, 14k gold ear post.

Dimensions: 55mm length and 15mm width.  

Hand made in Seattle, USA. 

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