Elegant Lavender Jade Pendant in 18k Gold with Rare Guatemalan Jadeite Jade

I have fallen in love with jade over the years. The beauty of this gem is so elegant and lasting. Coveted for centuries by ancient cultures of China, South and North America. Jadeite is very hard and resistant to breaking so it was used for tools, ritual objects and adornment. 

With this elegant pendant I have captured the gems in my signature minimal and modern 18k gold setting. The lavender Jadeite on the top of the pendant is from China, a gem I reclaimed from a vintage jewel. It's color is pure and the perfect compliment to the larger gem below. This beautiful pear shape cabochon is the very rare lavender jadeite from Guatemala. It has the most dreamy quality with the lavender dispersed through the white jade, lavender sky with soft white clouds. I acquired this piece from a lapidary artist in Oregon who has expertly polished it to shine the only way true jadeite will.

Materials: 18k gold, Jadeite Jade, with 14k gold chain 23.5 inches

Measurements: Length of pendant 74mm,

Lavender Jade 14mm x 10mm x 5mm approx. 5.85ct

Guatemala Jade 32mm x 21mm x 4mm approx. 22.5ct


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