Golden Sunrise Necklace and Bracelet

Can a jewel capture a moment in a place of warmth, light and new beginnings? The light of a golden sun just peaking over the horizon is the mood I wanted to convey in this one-of-a-kind necklace and bracelet. I chose each of the phenomenal gems and pearls to represent glowing shades of a golden sunrise. 

The elements floating over the body with my signature hand-fabricated forms in luxe 18k gold for a gem and pearl necklace that’s anything but traditional. Each gem comes from my personal collection and all have meaningful character and special ways of reflecting light and color. 

The necklace has two separate pieces and clasps that enable it to be worn many ways: as one long 40-inch necklace, as a 30-inch necklace and 8-inch bracelet, or as a 30-inch necklace with a dangling lariat-like extension. I love the look doubled for a chunky luxe layered look. Because this piece is handmade by me in my atelier I will customize the bracelet to fit you personally.

Gems of rare character and structure included in this piece are:

Yellow Star Sapphire that displays a sharp six armed star in bright light. This phenomena occurs with the inclusion of silk like crystal structures intersecting in the gem. This one shows the distinctive hexagonal shape formed by the intersecting crystals. Yellow is a particularly rare color for this gem.

Quartz with native gold inclusions from the 16 to 1 Mine, Alleghany, California. One of the richest performing mines of California, opened in 1896. This beautiful bright white quartz containing very pure veins of gold is typical of the ore found here. To me the beauty of nature's work never ceases to amaze.

Red Rutile Quartz and Golden Rutile Quartz display the striking inclusions of thread like crystal structures that hint of the forces at work in their creation. The red color comes from iron. These gems have a wonderful energy to me with their dynamic variation and color.

The pair of large round cabochons come from quartz and agate of Brazil. I have cut and polished these from a strand of large beads in my collection. The color striation and shimmering crystalline layer in this pair displays a warmth and glow reminiscent of a sunrise in the desert. 

The organic gem pearls have a very strong feminine quality I love. The natural color and luster of the large flame pearls perfectly accentuate and balance the warmth and shine of the gold with gems. Looking closer at these pearls is like looking to the clouds in the sky. Leave it to your imagination to see a bird in flight and the shifting colors of the early morning rays of the sun through those clouds.


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