Jade with Cat's Eye Aquamarine Pendant

Jade is a gem loved over centuries for qualities of hardness, durability, color and spiritual significance. This rare nephrite jade from the state of Washington is uniquely beautiful with a creamy white ground streaked with bright apple green. Jade in Washington is usually found as worn stones in river beds. Each piece I choose for my jewelry designs is one of a kind and collected by artisinal lapidary and mineral enthusiasts.

For this pendant I have paired the jade with a soft blue cat's eye aquamarine. I love the shimmering silk like crystal structure of the phenomenal cat's eye that flashes as you move it in bright light. This reminds me of the sparkling current in a stream flowing over smooth stones.

The setting is designed to show as much of the gems as possible to take advantage of light reflecting on them and display their beauty from all angles. The settings are are hand fabricated from recycled 18k gold.

Gems: Jade 34mm x 22mm x 4mm approximately 25ct

Cat's Eye Aquamarine 11mm x 8mm approximately 7.6ct 

Length of pendant 70mm


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