Lattis Burst Necklace a Necklace to Transform you and Invigorate you Shines in 22k Gold and Sterling Silver

This dramatic hand-fabricated necklace begins with my signature leaf-like lattis form. I rotate it in space in three dimensions to create the stunning lattis burst. It might remind you of a flower, or an explosion. Arcs of force bloom in six directions, creating a lacy scalloped form that I created in 22k gold and sterling silver bimetal in interlocked graduated sizes. The result is a link necklace unlike any other. A chain of interlocked signature lattis links continues around encircling the neck. The Lattis Burst Necklace is the most dimensional of all my necklaces. It forms a flattering frame around your face. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable it is to wear: each link pivots and moves with you.

January Jones was photographed wearing a version of this necklace with a dark patina in the May 2011 issue of W magazine.

Materials: 22k Gold, Sterling Silver

Dimensions: Length 26.5 inches

Hand made in Seattle, USA.

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