Tighra Collar Necklace

Each link of the Tighra Necklace layers over the next like the sweep of a graceful feathered wing. The curved forms also suggest claws or talons, with their points protruding like armor. The links ripple when you move like quills on a porcupine’s spine. Like the tiger this collection is named for, the effect is beautiful but with a hint of danger. I shape handmade sterling silver wire into the curved forms with hammers, cutting the shape and soldering it to create individual links. Then I open each shape with a saw to link it in a chain with the others, reclosing it once in place with a precise torch flame. A hand-applied darkened patina on the sterling silver increases the graphic impact.

Materials: 22k gold and sterling silver.

Dimensions: This Collar Style necklace is 17.5 inches in length.

One of a Kind Necklace.

Hand made in Seattle, USA.

Contact us for custom sizing and production time. 

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