Tighra Necklace Long Necklace in 22k gold and Sterling Silver

Feather, fin, scale, or claw: the curved forms of the Tighra Long Necklace arc like a talon. The movement, too, is aggressive and alive. I love the way the points protrude like quills or armor. Like its namesake tiger, you’ll find this necklace gives you a bit of a dangerous edge.

The flexibility and generous 44-inch length of this necklace allows it to be worn many ways. You can wrap it twice around your neck or around your waist. You can drape and tie it like a scarf or fasten it as a symmetrical or asymmetrical lariat with multiple clasping points.

Hand fabricated in sterling silver and 22k gold bimetal, this unique necklace takes more than a month to make. I shape handmade wire into graceful curves with hammers. Each form is measured, cut and soldered together with a torch to create individual links. Then each link is opened with a saw, recombined, and then reclosed with the torch in what is often a very tight space. I soldered the links of this necklace in hundreds of places to create the intricately interlocking pattern of links. 

This necklace was worn by singer songwriter Ann Wilson of Heart during the band's induction celebration to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2013.


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