Color Your Spring with Gems

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In this handful of inspiration are gems from my collection ready for new designs.
Three Arizona Turquoise that lift  my spirits with a pure sky blue that is all natural
The beautiful lavender cabochon is a rare Mojave Blue Chalcedony, very translucent showing the bubble like forms from the gems botryoidal growth pattern as shown here in the uncut sample image.
In the center of my palm is White Australian Opal that sparkles with pin pattern colors of chartreuse green, lavender and red. I acquired this gem from an estate collection, it has been out of the ground for over 40 years. With the high water content of Opal,the gem may lose color from dehydration. That’s why an Opal should be protected from too much sun and heat. An overnight soak in distilled water a couple times a year will help keep the gem bright and colorful.
On the left is a glowing round Moonstone. The shimmer or schiller of this gem is created when two minerals Orthoclase and Albite together have been heated and slowly cool. They separate into microscopic layers that reflect light brightly when cut into a smooth rounded cabochon like this one.
If you find any of these gems irresistible they are available for custom designs.
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