Exotic Gems Talk with Renee Newman

Are you in the Seattle area next week? Don't  miss this opportunity to learn from an expert.
In this studio snap shot below are a few examples of out of the ordinary gems from my collection. I learned more about them in Renee Newman's books.
Left to right, Fire Agate, Oregon Sunstone, Labradorite, Larimar, Prehnite, Chrysocolla,  and Lavendar Chalcedony.
Orbit Ring center gem is Ellensburg Blue Chalcedony, left is green cats eye tourmaline, right are two color change cats eye chrysoberyl.
 Quatrefoil Ring with translucent Prehnite set in sterling silver.
Orbit Ring with Oregon Sunstone bicolor teal and pink marquise center stone, south sear pearl.
Gina Pankowski

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