Electric Edge – New Link Bracelets

Posted on June 23, 2014 by Gina Pankowski | 0 Comments

Expanding my Metropolis Jewelry Collection with two new link bracelets. Both influenced by Art Deco and Streamline Design. My love of pattern has drawn me to the repetition of linked forms again.

Pictured here is my Double Diamond Link Bracelet with the Metropolis Bolt Ring showing a fantastic flash of light in this outdoor shot. We built this bracelet with square wire on edge, two diamond shapes connected with a graceful curve. The effect is a cool faceted link with the clasp custom made to integrate into the chain. You can wear it close to your wrist with a tail, my favorite, or hooked in any comfortable spot. Also available in a light sterling silver.


The Metropolis Streamline Link evolved as a three dimensional chevron like design, tapered and overlapping, adds to its look of sleek motion. The links bottom edge lay flat on your wrist and move smoothly against your skin. For me this design is reminiscent of scales, armor or the fleeting motion of a Bullet Train. This bracelet is available in Sterling Silver with a light silver finish or a dark patina.





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