Summers Rewards Natural Beauty

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Gina Pankowski | 0 Comments

With this collection I share my love for natural beauty especially when found in gems, minerals and pearls. Since I was a little girl I have collected pretty things I found exploring a beach, woods, or mountain path. I’m still collecting but today my magpie eye covets gems, minerals and pearls. Each gem in the Earth Ocean Air collection is one of a kind. This collection includes rare phenomenal gems that capture light in ethereal ways. Star Sapphires with a crystal structure of silken threads that reflect a bright six ray star when moved in the light. Opals are composed of minute silica spheres and water that can display an incredible rainbow of color. Sensual and feminine, fine pearls glow with their luster shifting translucent hues in the light.

This Necklace and Bracelet combination can be worn many ways, long, short, doubled, wear the bracelet or necklace alone. The gems include Green Opal, Precious Cats Eye Moonstone, Deep Blue Hawks Eye, Green Cats Eye Quartz and Crystalized Brazilian Agate in natural colors and layers that remind me of a refreshing icy pool. The natural colored pearls display shifting tones of grey, green, pink, lavender.






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