Weekend Jewelry Excursion to San Juan Island

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Add one more great reason to visit San Juan Island this summer. WaterWorks Gallery is celebrating 30 years of representing outstanding northwest artists and Ruth Offen throws a great party! 


San Juan Island has been a regular destination for my family for years. We like to take a long weekend coming from Seattle as the drive is just under two hours to the ferry in Anacortes, the boat ride a leisurely and picturesque 60 minutes. Other transportation options include the Victoria Clipper from Seattle waterfront or a float plane form Lake Union, Sea.

As a destination San Juan is the total package with beautiful beaches, Americas Camp and South Beach is a favorite with plenty of drift wood for building forts. There are many opportunities to see wildlife like Orca Whales from Lime Kiln Point State Park and research station, Porpoise, and Sea Otters. Friday Harbor is the heart of the island. From the ferry landing you can walk to great galleries, shops and eateries. If you choose to walk on the ferry to the island you have bike and scooter rentals close too. What else, fresh oysters at  Westcott Bay, awesome Sculpture Park, the gardens at Roche Harbor Resort, and Mona the retired circus camel grazing with her friend the llama.

Oh! Fantastic jewelry at WaterWorks Gallery! 

Finalist in the 2015 JCK Jewelers Choice Award!

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I can't wait for Jewelry Week Las Vegas coming up May 29th - June 1st!
 Gina Pankowski is featured in the “Best of the Best” JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards Supplement in the April 2015 issue of JCK Magazine.
 Congratulations! You're a finalist in the 2015 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards Contest. Your jewelry (image below) placed 2nd in the Gold Jewelry Over $2,500 category. 

The Verve bangle bracelet in 18k green gold and 18k white gold with sky blue Montana sapphires (6.0 cts. t.w.) is alive with movement. The three-dimensional linked design allows the bracelet to roll smoothly over your wrist. The shapes expand and contract with your gestures, the sapphires shining blue as the summer sky and spin freely with the links.               

Thank you for this honor and your votes industry friends!


New Additions Pearls with an Edge of Sophistication

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I love design that is elegant, sophisticated with a little edge. The addition of black pearls to my Ibex designs I think is the perfect example. High contrast with 24k yellow gold and lustrous black pearls. Elegant curves and subtle hand carved detail.
Ibex Black Pearl Earrings in 24k on Sterling Silver
Available now online.
This Friday you can try them on!
I will be on hand for a Trunk Show! at Fremont Jewelry Design
Opening Reception Friday May 1st, 6 - 9pm
3510 Fremont Place N
Seattle, Washington 98103

Color Your Spring with Gems

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In this handful of inspiration are gems from my collection ready for new designs.
Three Arizona Turquoise that lift  my spirits with a pure sky blue that is all natural
The beautiful lavender cabochon is a rare Mojave Blue Chalcedony, very translucent showing the bubble like forms from the gems botryoidal growth pattern as shown here in the uncut sample image.
In the center of my palm is White Australian Opal that sparkles with pin pattern colors of chartreuse green, lavender and red. I acquired this gem from an estate collection, it has been out of the ground for over 40 years. With the high water content of Opal,the gem may lose color from dehydration. That’s why an Opal should be protected from too much sun and heat. An overnight soak in distilled water a couple times a year will help keep the gem bright and colorful.
On the left is a glowing round Moonstone. The shimmer or schiller of this gem is created when two minerals Orthoclase and Albite together have been heated and slowly cool. They separate into microscopic layers that reflect light brightly when cut into a smooth rounded cabochon like this one.
If you find any of these gems irresistible they are available for custom designs.
Send me a note

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Spring Favorite Earring Styles

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Seed earrings in sterling silver with pearls set inside. Their drop shaped links connect with apposing points are reminiscent of unfurling buds or cells dividing. This pair is made from 100% recycled sterling silver with pink pearls and 14k gold ear posts.
The Seed earrings are also available with a dark patina and white pearls.
This design is also available as a pendant set with garnets on sterling silver chain.

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February Links of Love

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I like to eat chocolate, give gifts, buy jewelry and flowers all the time. 
Seattle is a great place for chocolate. We are the home of some world renowned chocolate makers like Theo's and Fran's. If I want to really indulge I go to the Chocolate Box. Located downtown Seattle between 1st and 2nd Ave. on Pine. This treasure trove carries dozens of artisinal chocolate brands like Chocolat Vitale and Pink Peony of Bainbridge Island. At Chocolate Box you will also find Organic and Fair Trade, if you just can't get enough they teach Truffle Making Classes!  
Now for the gift of jewelry, always memorable and always appreciated!
The Double Diamond Link Bracelet  by Gina Pankowski in Sterling Silver with Garnet Heart (.70 ct) and gun metal patina.
Finally the flowers, for me are best in the garden where they bloom and bloom again! This long stemmed red rose was grown from a bouquet my sweet gave to me many years ago. Yep I lopped off the buds from half of the bunch and planted the stems. It was February and by late summer that year I had three healthy plants of long stem red roses!   A couple garden moves later I still have two of the shrubs and many flowers to pick all summer. In case you are wondering,  my love still gives me bouquets occasionally!


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Fresh Jewelry Cleaning Tips

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Caring for your Silver and Gold Jewelry

In the spirit of starting the year fresh I like to give some attention to my jewelry collection. Silver normally shows more color from oxidation/tarnishing than gold but both metals benefit from regular cleaning.

The simple recipe I use is non-toxic and easy to make in your kitchen. This solution is excellent for silver and gold and the harder gems like Quartz, Sapphires and Diamonds. Do not clean jewelry with soft or organic gems like Turquoise, Opals, and Pearls with this solution. More about that later.




You will need a clean aluminum dish like a pie tin or

a glass or ceramic bowl with a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom, enough to cover the surface.

1 Tablespoon Salt

1 Tablespoon Baking Soda

1 teaspoon mild dish soap

1 Cup hot water, not boiling

A soft tooth brush

Measure your salt, soda and soap and place in bowl. Place the jewelry to be cleaned in the bowl. Add the hot water, hot from the tap is ok. The mix will fizz a little, swirl the water around in the bowl with the jewelry then let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes. Check progress and use the soft tooth brush to loosen extra dark areas and around gem settings. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry. Your jewelry should be clean and bright.


When cleaning jewelry with an “antique” patina use only warm soapy water and a soft cloth if you want to keep the “antique” look.

Pearl jewelry should only be cleaned with a damp soft cloth used to gently wipe the pearl. Do not get your pearl stands wet because they will stretch and leave gaps between pearls and knots.

I met a Jeweler who also sold beautiful Opals in Los Cabos Mexico that told me it was Aztec tradition to revitalize the Opalos gems by placing them in water over night on a full moon. Maybe the stronger tides help? Maybe because the color in Opals comes from their water content? It is true that Opals should be stored away from heat and a little water soak is good for them too.

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